Today's technique is to consciously reconnect with our values when chaos enters our lives.
The idea is to remember together the shared positive moments.
Today's technique for living a little happier is to learn to accept compliments more easily.
Have a nice weekend :)
You can now practice mindfulness even in your most crazy days...
Empirical leadership research clearly shows that including a positive approach in management leads to a substantial improvement in individual employee…
The biggest discovery of human behavioral and neuroscientists is particularly counter-intuitive: it is not motivation that matters most when it comes to…
Creating and maintaining healthy, nurturing relationships takes effort . To make things work, you have to put in the work and the intention.
Our minds have what psychologists call a "negativity bias". This means that our minds are programmed to take more notice of what is wrong.
The technique of the day is an exercise designed to cultivate this emotion that enriches our relationships with those around us.

February 2022

There is a mindset that prevents us from evolving. It's living life as a victim.
A study from the University of Pennsylvania has noticed an improvement in mental well-being in those who limit smartphone use on social networks.